Happy Kiss Day Quotes in Hindi|| Kiss Day 2019 Hindi Quotes|| Happy Kiss Day Quotes


Aaj ka vichar, Jo ladki kiss dete time ankhe band na kare, use tumhare liye feelings nahi hai.


Social sites par wo log bhi Kiss day ki badhai de rahe hai jinhone zindagi mai kiss kya kiss karte hue couples tak nahi dekhe.


A small boy told to a girl “ jab mai bala hojaunda na tab mai tere ko kissi karuga”, Girl replied “ Mele toh tab Teeth aajaenge mai Zor se cut kar lungi”.


Kiss day par ladka ladki ko manata raha lekin ladki chat se niche nahi aa rahi thi.. Tab ladke ne aek gadhe ko kiss kari aur bola “ Ja apni bhen tak pohcha diyo”.



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