You are my rose which I don’t want to break, I will put lots of feelings as water in you so you can shine with your smile forever. Happy Rose Day

When she requested for the most beautiful rose in the world, I put my heart in the rose and stay with her forever. Happy Rose Day

I will make a Rose Garden in front of my home, to make you feel my presence around you. Happy Rose Day 2019

Rose can be determined for its beauty and smell… As you are known for your beauty and friend of mine. Happy Rose Day

No rose left in the market, I try to plug then dog started barking, I searched in different markets but nothing left… and if you still want to see a rose then I bought mirror you can see there. Happy Rose Day

After giving her rose, she said the smell of the rose is so amazing.. I came near to her, smell her and said “Yes! Definitely”. Happy Rose Day

 Rose is a flower with different colors and every color has its own value. You may like white, pink, yellow or even black but the first priority is always ‘Red’ for ‘Love’. Happy Rose Day