angry quotes

“I don’t demonstrate my indignation when she intended to go with me and all of a sudden her companions came to go with her.”

an angry mind quotes

“She asked: would you say you are Angry with me?
I answered: No, I am Angry with myself and my decision.”

the angry quotes

“I normally got angry when she answered me to indicate, she is treating me like others. “

angry quotes for him

“Every individual has a point of control and after that anger comes.”

angry quotes for her

“I heard from others anger is awful.. In some case, I want to be angry when I am correct and battling for my self-respect.”

angry quotes about work

“I gained from various individuals that anger can produce issues throughout everyday life.. But the fact is that issue produces anger. “Avoid issues avoid anger”.

angry quotes about relationship

“I don’t feel anger when she overlooks me, I feel anger when she comes up with false reasons to overlooks.”

angry quotes about love

“You can’t persuade a solution to be angry, but you can ignore the problems without Anger.”

angry quotes about life in hindi

“I don’t feel awful when she demonstrates her anger, I feel awful when she doesn’t.”

angry quotes about friends

“I lost my anger after losing my relationship.”

angry quotes about family