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“I have an attitude which I can’t even handle. Don’t know about you!”

“Attitude doesn’t means to be strict. It means to be smarter and intelligent among people..”

“If you have any problem with my attitude, it’s your problem not mine..”

“Everyone has its own attitude. Remember you pretend to be the best..”

“A man with positive attitude can rule the world..”

“Attitude can be estimated by the experience of an individual and Character by the education of an individual.”

“Attitude is essential in the public arena, in relationship, in business or in fellowship.”

“A little child characterizes attitude in his own words, “when I was born I cry to satisfy others, presently I will do mischievous exercises to make me happy and others cry.”

“She said don’t show me your attitude, I said don’t show me yours..”

“Attitude is a basic word which indicates how you feel something and how you respond over it…”


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