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[Loneliness] Alone Quotes | English & Hindi

[Loneliness] Alone Quotes | English & Hindi
Alone Quotes ‘Wishesquotes4u’

Loneliness | Alone Quotes”

Alone Quotes are especially for the moment whenever you feel alone. You think about the people who are responsible for it whether they are your family members, friends or any person. People consider alone as the worst feeling but it is the best feeling if you learn to be happy alone.

In favor of loneliness, our writer has written some amazing alone quotes which relates to life and people will definitely feel the words while relating to their personal life.

2019 Alone Quotes:

[Loneliness] Alone Quotes | English & Hindi
Alone Quotes Best Collection

Being alone is better than finding the wrong.

2019 Alone Quotes

Many problems can be solved when you think it alone.

lonely quotes

For me, living with someone is temporary, living alone is permanent.

loneliness quotes

Who learned to smile alone doesn’t care about the people who leave alone.

lonely meme

I am so lonely when I feel the love.

feeling alone

When you come in front of me, I remember all the moments that I spend alone.

i feel so alone

In front of all she asked me why I am crying? I replied, “Someone hacked my mind and now I can’t control it.”

feel good quotes

Alone Quotes in Hindi

Amazing Alone Quotes For Easy Life

Aaj wo kahawat fir sahi hone wali hai.. Pyar karke zindagi fir akele hone wali hai..

sad status

Maine unko aasman me rakhna chaha lekin wo hume badal samjh kar barsa gaya..

motivational quotes in hindi

Aaj mai bhi akele roya hun.. lekin wada karta hun kal akele haske dikhauga..

whatsapp status love

Akele hi chalta raha mera badnaseeb dil.. na kisi ka sath mila na koi mehfil..

sad quotes in hindi

Akele chod kar jaa rahe ho tum.. hum reh na paenge yeh jaan kar bhi??

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Being Alone Quotes:

Amazing Alone Quotes For Easy Life

Being Alone Quotes provides short quotes to the readers to make them comfortable while reading quotes. Many Alone quotes related to life are not logical and ignored by people while our quotes are short and simple which user will like and expect more from us. You can read and share the quotes to those who left you alone so they can think once for you in a while.

Enjoy with family, happy with friends but always try to fight alone.

home alone quotes

ALONE:  “Always lead over new Events”

quotes about feelings

ALONE : “(Attitude) person with (lovely) nature with (overachievements) but have (nothing) because of (Ego)”

feel better quotes

 I always feel her presence in all the places we stay together after she left me alone.

being used quotes

I lost all my feelings being alone, now, “no reason to smile and no reason to cry”

feeling down quotes

My strength is Being Alone.

loneliness memes

Being alone is a positive attitude.

leave me alone quotes


Amazing Alone Quotes For Easy Life

Akelapan insane ko kamjor bana deta hai.. har kam karne ko majboor bana deta hai..

facebook status in hindi

Log aksar daulat ke piche akela chod jate hai.. Aur daulat wale kaha kisi ko jindagi bhar apna banate hai..

emotional quotes in hindi

Hume muskurata dekh kar unhone koshish kari rulane ki..

Humne koshish kari chalne ki.. unhone sajish rachi girane ki..

feeling sad

Akelapan aek saza hai.. jiski na koi dawa hai..

Jisko pad gai akela rehne ki aadat.. uske gum mai bhi maza hai..

life status in hindi

Aksar log musibat mai akela chod dete hai..

Ye jante hue bhi.. “Musibat kisi aek ki na hui”.

sad love quotes in hindi

Feeling Alone Quotes:

Amazing Alone Quotes For Easy Life

Feeling alone quotes gives you the quotes of alone feeling when a person left other person for some personal reason. It is the worst feeling which no one wants to feel but maximum of you have experienced. Our feeling alone quotes gives the person feeling of pain when you left alone by the one you love.

Feeling alone is positive when you want to remember the good feelings.

Feeling alone quotes

It’s better to feel alone than feel Empty.

why am i alone

I started traveling with her on her way but she left me alone when her destiny completed.

i’m so alone

Understanding the one is important than finding the way to leave them alone.

empty quotes

I never feel alone after she left me… because I love myself and do self-care.

forever quotes

Feeling alone is like missing her in all the songs.

all alone meme

Never feel alone until you have your own family.

quotes about being lost

Feeling Alone Quotes Hindi:

Amazing Alone Quotes For Easy Life

Akele rehke tera intazar humne kiya..

Tere siva humara sath gum ne diya.

sad love quotes in hindi

Mere ruuh ki haqikat mere ansuo ne jana..

Jab bhi akela dekha mujhe apna mana..

ignore status

Us raat mera pyar akela pad gaya..

Jab maine usko kisi aur ka hote hue dekha..

best whatsapp status in hindi

Akhri waqt usne mujhse kaha mai tumhari koi bhi cheez apne sath nahi rakhna chahti..

maine kaha meri yaad bhi mujhe lauta dena akelepan mai bhot tadpaegi..

feeling alone status

Akela insane kamjor nahi majbur hai..

Jiski manzil pas nahi dur hai..

love sad status

Best Words:

[Loneliness] Alone Quotes | English & Hindi

The process of life is simple, “If you make a person feel alone then one day you will feel alone for someone else.” Always try to overcome the alone feelings of your friends and love so they cannot feel alone while getting you in their life.


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