After Independence, we have seen many people have divided themselves and believe in caste and culture while not accepting other cast people fully. Imagine, whole India before independence fight together for the independence, but after independence they all are divided.

“You cannot live independently if you are not feeling safe with the same people living with.”

It’s our 73rd Independence Day and we feel proud to be living in such a country where people are free to do any peaceful activity within the country but there are some people who are doing such unacceptable activities like spreading terror, rape and more things which spread violence.

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“Great India’s Independence Day quotes”

Now it’s our duty to protect our independence and live life peacefully.

Independence day thoughts and sayings

India is considered as the best country because people have freedom along with independence.

independence day thoughts and quotes

It’s better to make efforts to be in freedom than putting efforts to get freedom.

independence day quotes and sayings

People easily use other people but they don’t bother about using freedom.

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If you are independent, you can do everything, even rule the world.

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“India Independence Day”

Don’t sacrifice your freedom with money.

India’s independence day quotes

If people of the country are living independently then it can help in the progress of the country.

independence day message quotes

Freedom has more power than money.

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Every person is responsible for the freedom of the country and to live independently, it’s our duty.

inspiring independence day quotes

You can shout, smile, laugh and go anywhere without restrictions, it is the real freedom.

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“Happy Independence Day”

Every person feels safe in his own house. Let’s make our country as the house where everyone can feel safe.

independence day quotes 2019

We cannot sell our mother or mother earth. These two mothers are priceless.

inspiring independence day quotes

While leaving home we miss our mother and when leaving the country, we miss our motherland.

famous independence day quotes

Indian people are those who cannot sell themselves for a few dollars.

independence day india quotes

Different places in India, you may find one thing common, the love and respect of the people towards you.

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