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“Attitude Quotes”

Attitude Quotes??

 It’s good or bad??

Maybe you say it’s negative? But according to me, it’s positive.

Sometimes Attitude is Rude, but Attitude is a dude.

People say never show your attitude, or you cannot handle my attitude.  All are crazy things.. Attitude is nothing just your personality.

I compare Attitude with personality because what people see about you is your personality, what they feel about you is your attitude towards them.

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Positive Attitude Quotes:

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All the attitude quotes vary from person to person so you can select whatever is related to you and which one you like the most and share it with your friends or put it in your profile picture without restrictions…

Do you believe in karma?? Okay! But I believe in myself. I do wrong and right according to the situation.

Honest people never try to impress others, they care people but don’t care what people care.

Every day! I decide to change myself but my attitude does not allow me to be like others.

Hard time is like you are good but you are bad.

I feel happy when they feel jealous because of my attitude.

People want you to follow them, but you make them follow you.

Negative Attitude Quotes:

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Sometimes, we have to control ourself not to show another person how we are feeling towards the negative attitude of that person. If you can’t speak anything then, negative attitude quotes can easily help you in revealing your words into thoughts.

Showing me attitude is like showing attitude to the sun, “stand in the front until you gave up.”

Attitude is positive but people take it negative.

 I look innocent but I am Worse if you are Bad.

Be positive in people heart and negative in people mind.

If you accept me who I am then you will never see my negative attitude.

I don’t know what happen to me, why I am lost, is I am mad or going to mad maybe my true feelings died.

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