difficult times quotes

Every Time is difficult if we don’t know how to handle the situation. We all are humans and don’t know how to handle each and every situation. No one wants a difficult time but it’s not in our hands to manage according to us.

As we all know that ‘Time and Tides wait for no one‘ so we have to handle all the situations whatever comes and make ourselves stronger than the situation.

let’s check out difficult times quotes which we have collected for you to read and share:

Once you’ve been through tough times, you can only become stronger.

Alesha Dixon

Tough times don’t last. Tough people do. I preach that, and I guess you have to live to it.

Julian Edelman

Tough times call for tougher decisions.


I saw tough times, and there were many nights when I would just cry out aloud.

Sandeep Singh

I understand you’ve got to go through tough times to get better.

Dirk Nowitzki

Certainly, there were tough times, but no, you can’t go back and change it. So, why dwell on it?

Alex Smith

I believe most people in their life will fall upon tough times at some point.

Esther McVey

When I had older guys around me, I kind of leaned on them for advice and went through tough times.

Rajon Rondo

Most people fall upon tough times at some point.

Esther McVey

Even in the tough times, He’s still a good God.

Victoria Osteen