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Rape Quotes in English

You save yourself or you remain unsaved.

Alice Sebold

Heaven is comfort, but it’s still not living.

Alice Sebold

What had human beings become? Did war make us evil or just activate an evil already lurking within us?

Ruta Sepetys

They are all innocent until proven guilty. But not me. I am a liar until I am proven honest.

Louise O’Neill

She’s fifteen, above the age of consent, and he’s seventeen, but he’s still “the boy” in every conversation. She’s “the young woman”. Words are not small things.

Fredrik Backman

She couldn’t get any farther away inside from her skin. She couldn’t get away.

Cynthia Voigt

I forgive you,” I said. I said what I had to. I would die by pieces to save myself from real death.

Alice Sebold

Sometimes, watching a movie is a bit like being raped.

Luis Buñuel

You keep the title of ‘president’ even if you served only one term. The same goes for rapists.

Christy Leigh Stewart

We are supposed to call poison medicine and we wonder why we’re always sick.

Stefan Molyneux

Rapists almost always lie too.


What if “No”… means “Yes” and by itself it’s a rape fantasy.

Deyth Banger

Sexual Harassment: Forgetting is difficult, remembering is worse.

Nitya Prakash

The closer a Negro got to the ballot box, the more he looked like a rapist.

E. Franklin Frazier

Seduction is often difficult to distinguish from rape. In seduction, the rapist often bothers to buy a bottle of wine.

Andrea Dworkin

Rape is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused.

Freda Adler

Every argument on lynching in the South gets back sooner or later to the question of rape.

Ray Stannard Baker

By not coming forward (about rape), you make yourself a victim forever.

Kelly McGillis

I did my time for the rape. I paid my money to Las Vegas. I paid my dues.

Mike Tyson

We have rudiments of reverence for the human body, but we consider as nothing the rape of the human mind.

Eric Hoffer

“Reasons & Solutions”

First of all, we have to know why Rape happens.

These comparisons are only for the people who are involved in activities like Rape and murder; we never target all those people who are living their life peacefully and honestly.

Let’s divide people by their status:

•  Poor People with ‘Criminal Mind

Rich People with ‘Criminal Mind

Poor People don’t have sufficient resources to study well and to get proper knowledge of anything. Their life remains constant while struggling and they only give priority to the money. They can do anything for the money or even can go in the wrong direction to earn a few pennies more.

These people don’t get the proper environment to live life in discipline and learn wrong things like gambling, stole things, or do such activities like rape and murder. As they don’t have the proper knowledge to judge themselves as they are doing wrong or right because they need the money and have no knowledge of the results of all these activities.

While Rich people always maintain their standard and always think ‘Money can buy happiness.’ They don’t care about the feelings of the people and do whatever they can do whether it is right or wrong with their money. These people always involved in the drugs, battings and all those things which are illegal because they never did hard work to earn that much amount which is given by their parents as a gift. For their ego, they can even Rape anyone to show they can do anything to anyone whenever they want and where they want.

Now the question is that why a person involve in rape?

Finding the answer to this question, we have observed many cases of rape where a girl is raped by a group of people who are uneducated and don’t have the proper living conditions.

We cannot find a rapist in the crowd as they don’t have any other identity, they look similar to us but their mind is not proper as other people.

Following reasons are responsible which can force a person to do rape:

•             If the person wants to take revenge on any past activity.

•             If the person has seen anyone who did the same and not getting punished.

•             If a person falls in love and gets rejected which he cannot accept by the mind.

•             If a person wants to fulfill his needs and desire.

•             If a person is wrongly directed by somebody else.

•             If a person having a criminal mind.

How to save ourselves from being raped?

No one can forecast what will happen to their life in the next moment. But we can prepare ourselves from being raped by any person having the wrong mind.

Especially talking about India, There are many places where females are not as safe as we have seen many reports where 5 years old or 70 years old females get raped. These places are in the majority of criminals and they clearly know that the government cannot find them easily.

If you want to make yourself or you’re loved once safe, you can do the following activity to make your family safe from being raped:

•             Never go alone to those places where people are not familiar and involves in doing criminal activities.

•             It’s not good but we have to make restrictions to be on time and not go out for the late-night because we are good but don’t know about others.

•             Never trust anyone you meet in your journey or while going somewhere.

•             Always keep something that can save you from the people like chili powder spray.

•             If anyone is not behaving properly complaint to the police instantly and talk to your parents about it.

•             Never trust any person whether your relatives to make yourself safe.

•             Always be in your limitations, as many teenagers go out for parties that involve alcohol consumptions which is unsafe for females.

Always keep in Mind “You are important to your family first before friends.”

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Let’s know about our responsibility?

•             If you find anywhere that people are doing wrong activities, inform the nearest police station or collect people to handle the situations to save a life.

•             If you feel like something wrong is going, become a Hero and fight for it. You will always feel proud of yourself and that feeling can make you a real-life hero forever.

•             If you see something wrong is going, make noise and collect more people so they can control the situations.

•             If you see a group of people is misbehaving with a female, go ahead and call the police or take action against them.

“Never think you are alone, I am with you, and all the people are with you, just stand and Make our country Rape Free.”