PUBG Mobile New Update 1.0 Download after Pubg Ban in India

Pubg Mobile is no longer available in India and users are not able to download Pubg Mobile or Update new Erangel 1.0 as the Indian Government banned Pubg Mobile from Play Store and Apple Store. Due to the conflict between India and China, many applications including Pubg Mobile is banned who comes under the Chinese company Tencent and we fully support the decision of our Indian Government.

Pubg Corporation is developed by Bluehole which is a Korean company but has a Chinese Company Tencent Franchise so indirectly belongs to China. Pubg Mobile is not banned in India as all its servers are working properly and you can Play Pubg mobile easily after the ban.

Don’t worry! Pubg Mobile Korean Company has declared that they will remove their franchise in India and all users can play Pubg Mobile without having Tencent company involvement in it.

Well, it’s great news but at the point, users are not able to download the latest update of Pubg Mobile which was launched recently. To solve this issue we are here to provide you the best solutions where you can easily download Pubg Mobile new Version 1.0.


Update Pubg Mobile V-1.0 in India direct Link Wishesquotes4u

Pubg Mobile New update does not arrive, and you have only one option to get the update is to download it directly from the official website of Pubg mobile which is temporary down. Another best way to get Pubg Mobile is to download Pubg Mobile v-1.0 and its obb file directly from the given link.

If you think it’s quite easier to download Pubg Mobile V1.0 then you should go with the download link or you can check out the full detailed process step-by-step. The process is simple and gives you the full detailed process on how to download Pubg mobile without the Play Store. We never recommend you to download Pubg Mobile from the fake websites and always give you the genuine websites or links to get the latest Pubg Mobile updates.

Pubg mobile 1.0 New ERA Update Includes

In the latest update of Pubg Mobile 1.0, you will see different amazing features with the NEW ERA which they made in the game. The interface of the Pubg Mobile Lobby is totally changed and you will experience something new in the biggest change in Pubg Ever.

People are excited because they will see different changes in the New Erangel Map and even you can experience the Liwik Map with exciting graphics for each and every device. Without wasting your time, check out what you will experience in the new update and how much you will like it.

  • New Erangel Mode:

In the new Erangel mode, you will see major changes are done which has changed the game and make it more realistic. In their New Pubg Mobile 1.0 update, they have upgraded buildings in Prison and Quarry and provide more loot to the players so they make interest to land over there.

Their new update also makes changes in the Mylta Power with the new structure and gives rich resources to make the different experiences of battle. Now players have to build more strategies to attack buildings as their structures are now changes and you have to make new ways to defend yourself in front of enemies.

You will also experience Cannons, Anti-Tank Hedgehogs, Sandbag Barriers, and Abandoned Vehicles to cover ourselves in the zone and to build new strategies to fight with the players.

  • Cheer Park Updated:

Many players are already excited to know the new changes in Cheer Park as it gives players the next level of entertainment and they can have more leisure over there. You will find a major upgrade in the Training ground to experience Shooting Range and also explored numerous battle techniques and made an exclusive place for the players who want to compete.

In their romantic Additions to Cheer Park, they have added Lake and Two-seater Swing, hot air balloon, and Romantic Boat. You can also challenge players in Arena and increase your rankings with their extreme challenges.

  • Pubg Mobile with New UX:

In their new UX, they have totally changed the interface of the game and you will experience something different when you open your game and more customizations have been added to the game with their new trendiest interactive experiences.

In their Main Menu, you will experience three lobbies now:

  • Store Lobby- It contains all the resources and users can make purchases easily in their store lobby.
  • Match Lobby- It contains all the functions related to match and the modes which you want to play. You have now different modes which you can change according to the ranked and unranked.
  • Social Lobby- It shows players profile and all their achievements which they have to show to the other players. Social Lobby is generally made for the players so they can customize their own player and change their title, Tags and more.

You can also experience different mode selection screen, friends screen, royal pass screen and share screen. The changes have been made to make improvements in the users experience and you can simply go with the screen which you want to check.

  • Pubg Mobile NEW TECH:

In the Pubg Mobile New Tech update, they have improved the graphics and the smoothness of the game and users can not face issues regarding lag and blur graphics. You will also notice the new battle graphics which they have upgraded and new characters are also added there.

They also made improvements in the fights and made it more realistic. The firefights are now improved and you will feel the effects that they have made at the time of killing enemies.

They also improved the quality of graphics for landscape, items and actions, which gives more detailed visual experience for the particular user.

pubg mobile new erangel 2.0 download

Update Pubg Mobile Erangel 2.0 in India after Ban wishesquotes4u

Users are happy to have an Update of New Pubg Mobile Erangel but they are sad because Pubg Mobile is currently banned in India. Many videos are available on YouTube which misguides users and not provides the best way to download Pubg Mobile version 1.0.

If you are reading this post then you will definitely get the Pubg Mobile new version with the latest updates quickly. There are several questions which users are willing to know but they don’t get a proper solution for that.

The Questions are:

How to Download Pubg Mobile in India?

As we are providing you the direct download link of the latest Pubg mobile version 1.0 so you don’t worry about how to download. There are two processes by which you can simply get Pubg Mobile latest version updated and you don’t need to use any VPN or other network.

The download link which we provide you contains the latest version of Pubg Mobile 1.0 and you can easily get the Apk version of PUBG Mobile.


Process to download Pubg Mobile v-1.0 with new Erangel 2.0 update:

If you haven’t experienced yet how to download Apk from any website then you should follow these steps to get apk in your device.

  • The first thing you have to do is click on the Pubg Mobile version 1.0 download link.
  • After you click on the download link, your screen will redirect to the download screen and you have to click on the download process to get Pubg Mobile in your device.
  • Make sure to delete the previous version of Pubg Mobile which is installed in your device before going with the latest version.
  • After downloading completed, simply install the new version and enjoy Pubg Mobile v1.0.


You can download Pubg Mobile Version 1.0 by two methods; it’s your choice which method you prefer.

(First Method)

  1. PUBG Mobile New Era Global version 1.0 update for Android: APK download link

The first method to download Pubg Mobile is quite simple and you have to follow the process to get Pubg Mobile easily. The downloading process consists of a single link download and you only have to click on the download link to get Pubg Mobile New Ero Global Version 1.0 in your device.

When you click on the Download link:

  • Your device redirects to the download option for Pubg Mobile and you will get the latest Apk of Pubg Mobile.
  • You have to download the Pubg Mobile apk and open it in your Android Device.
  • After you will get obb file download automatically when you open your Pubg Mobile and you only have to open your Pubg Mobile and all the process will complete automatically.
  • This method is simple and you don’t have to download any other application as it will automatically download the OBB file and Resource pack in your Pubg Mobile Version 1.0.
  • Make sure to delete the old version of Pubg Mobile from your device.

Pubg Mobile 1.0 Apk



(Second Method)

2- PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update Erangel 2.0 Map Download (APP +OBB)


The second method to download Pubg mobile is quite simple and you only have to follow the steps which we have listed below.

  • The first step is to download the Pubg Mobile Apk in your device which is around 60MB.
  • The Second Step is to download the OBB file for Pubg Mobile v1.0.
  • After all, you’re downloading the process completed, Install Pubg Mobile and close it.
  • Now, you have to UNZIP the OBB file which you have downloaded 1.74 GB.
  • The final step is to Copy the file and paste it on Android—OBB—con.tencent.ig.
  • Finally, you have completed all the process successfully.


OBB File Download


Pubg Mobile 1.0 Apk


After completing all the process, open the Pubg Mobile and download the resource file and enjoy playing new Erangel 2.0 in Updated Pubg Mobile v1.0.


Erangel 2.0 map Download in India

After the big update of the Erangel 2.0 Map, Indian users are worried about how they can download Pubg Mobile V1.0 as it was removed from Play Store. Well, you can download it without the play store while following out guides and you don’t have to worry about the latest update as our download link consists of the latest version of Pubg Mobile Apk.

You will be happy to get this Apk file as many users are not able to download the Current Version of Pubg Mobile and it is not available in India anymore. We somehow arranged this Apk version which is totally genuine and doesn’t harm your Pubg Account.