Have you ever experienced the Korean Version of PUBG Mobile? Do you feel something different?

If you are having any questions in your mind or want to know why people prefer Korean Pubg Mobile then this article will help you to sort out all your doubts easily.


Pubg Mobile Korean Version 1.0 Download

Most of the Pubg Mobile players download Korean Pubg because of several rewards that they receive every day. It’s a true fact that Korean Pubg players got several legendary rewards as compare to Global Pubg and if you download Pubg Korean then you can easily play with your friends who have Pubg Global version.

Another suitable reason for downloading the Pubg Korean version is the players don’t face glitches or lagging issues. After getting feedbacks from most of the Pubg Mobile players who are playing Korean Pubg Mobile that the Korean Version of Pubg doesn’t lag too much and run smoothly on android devices.


Korean Pubg Mobile V1.0 Download

In Korean Pubg, you can get several rewards which you won’t get in Global Pubg Mobile. You can even get premium skins for free and every week you will definitely get something great. Now, the question arises that people living in India cannot download Pubg Mobile Korean version or they don’t know about how to download the Korean Pubg latest Update.

Here, we have given you the proper details about how to download Pubg Mobile Korean version 1.0 and OBB file for free and you can experience new Erangel 2.0. After the conflict, people are not able to download Pubg mobile global as it is banned from play Store India. If we talk about Korean Pubg then it is not available for Indian people and you have to use some tricks to get Korean Pubg in your devices.


Pubg Mobile KR 1.0 Download for Android

Pubg Mobile KR version has several features that you are not getting in Pubg Mobile Global version. The main features are they are giving extra rewards to the users which every user wants and have many benefits of Playing Korean Pubg Mobile as mentioned below.


  • Pubg Mobile Korean has fewer Bugs:

Most of the players are frustrated with the Pubg Mobile glitches and you won’t experience bugs and glitches in Pubg Mobile Korean version. Many times a player killed itself by the Pubg Bugs which they are not going to fix too soon and the main reason for people who play Pubg Mobile Korean version.


  • Korean Pubg gives Free Skins:

Korean Players got more free skins as compare to normal Pubg. Korean Pubg has many events which give permanent guns, vehicle skins to the users and they have the best skins which you never have seen anywhere. You don’t have to buy anything to get free skins as you see many events that give AKM, M416 skins which users liked the most.


  • Korean Pubg gives Free Clothing Skins:

In the Korean Pubg, you will get luxury outfits that will blow your mind. We have seen many Pubg players who are having premium clothes and every time you ask them in the lobby. Don’t worry guys, you can get one of them easily after downloading Korean Pubg Mobile and experience the best clothes for free.


  • Korean Pubg gives Donkatsu Medal:

The most exciting feature of Pubg Mobile Korean version is Donkastu Medal which is the unique currency in Pubg Mobile and you can use it to open Crates and get Valuable in-game accessories for free. While Donkatsu currency is not available for Global Pubg players and you can only experience it on Korean Pubg mobile.


  • Korean Pubg Mobile Gives Premium Login rewards:

In normal Pubg, you only get useless rewards which you never wear or use a single time. But Pubg Mobile Korean version gives you Premium login rewards including gun skins and premium outfits. You may hear several times that many players are getting premium outfits in login rewards but you don’t even get once.


Download Pubg Mobile V1.0 Korean

After knowing all the benefits of the Pubg Mobile Korean version, your next question is how to download Pubg mobile Korean in your Android device. I’m sure you are not so aware of downloading Apk files and get confused about how to run Pubg Mobile Korean in your Android device.

If you search it on Google Play Store then you will not find Korean Pubg as you will get a Global Pubg download link. You can only play Pubg Mobile Korean Version after downloading it to your device and there is not any way to get it without using a trick.

Well, you can use a Private network and change your IP address to Korea which is the best suitable option to download Pubg Mobile Korean version. If you are confused about how to download then don’t worry we have given you a full detailed method where you can easily download Korean Pubg in your device.


How to download PUBG Mobile KR MOD APK?

To download Pubg Mobile Korean Version, you have two methods and both are working properly. Please don’t mix both the methods and chose the best suitable method which can be easier for you.

(First Method)


Download Pubg Mobile Korean Version New Erangel 2.0


  • To download Pubg Mobile Korean version, you have to connect your Android device with a VPN and change your IP address to a Korean country.
  • After you have to open your Browser and Search the Pubg Mobile Official Website.
  • Now, click on the website and select the download option at the top of the screen.
  • After you will get two options one is for iOS and another is for Android.
  • Click on Download Pubg Mobile Korean Version Apk and get it to your device successfully.
  • Make sure to delete your old Pubg Mobile apk file from your device and after installing a new file.
  • You’re all the resource files that will be downloaded automatically when you download and run it in your device.

(Second Method)

Pubg Mobile Korean V-1.0 Download with New Erangel 2.0


  • In this method, you will have to click on the download link which we have given below.
  • The link will automatically redirect you to the Pubg Mobile Korean apk Download link and you will directly download it to your device.
  • You have to download Pubg Mobile Korean apk and OBB files separately to run Pubg Mobile Successfully.
  • Now, install the Pubg Mobile Korean Apk and run it once for a minute and close it.
  • After you download your files, paste the OBB file to your Android—OBB—com.tencent
  • Finally, you can play Pubg Mobile with the new Erangel 2.0 update.

Pubg Apk + OBB File

Make sure to follow each and every step to get the Pubg Mobile Korean Version to your device successfully. It’s a too easy process and you can get Pubg Mobile Korean v1.0 easily after the ban. Make sure not to download any apk from the fake websites and always prefer genuine websites.