Among Us Apk Download Latest Version 2021

Among Us is a super exciting game which gives you full entertainment, playing with your friends and random people. The game got fame after PUBG mobile getting banned in India and users switched towards Among Us game which is really interesting. It’s quite difficult to win every chance so we have made it easier to you.

You can win most of the time while using Among Us Mod Menu Apk which is totally free for all the users. You will not get Among Us mod apk version on Play Store and you have to download it from the website. Don’t worry about safety, we are here to give you full safety and you don’t have to pay for it.


Among Us mod menu hack apk Download

Many users are not aware of how to download Among Us mod apk from the websites as it requires access from unknown sources. Every downloading link is not trusted but if you are getting Among Us mod apk from genuine website then you don’t have to worry about it.

It is a unique game which consists of Imposters and Crewmates. In every single round, four to ten players can participate and they have to move according to the map given to them. The game based of tasks and the crewmates have to complete all the tasks before getting caught by imposters.

Whenever a player loses his/her life in the game, he/she instantly takes the form of a ghost. The biggest advantage that the ghosts have is that they can’t be seen by the other players. Yes, they become invisible. They can be noticed only by other ghosts. But by using this special hack version of Among Us Mod Menu APK you can be able to see the ghost also even if you are not ghost.


Among us apk always imposter Download

The most exciting thing is to become an imposter in the game and kill crewmates. Well, crewmates have different surveillance by which they can identify the imposters. The Crewmates can also communicate with each other via voice chat or text. There are several settings which players can adjust in their lobby and customize space between skins, pets and different objects.

Among us game also contains voting system where players have to vote out and find the imposter to make it out from the game.


Among us download Mod Apk V2020.11.17

Among us consists of three maps based on regions and players have to select the map before playing. All the maps are exciting and have their unique features and players change them whenever they get bored of playing same match. 

Among Us Maps are:

·         The Skeld

·         Mira HQ

·         Polus

In the Lobby, player can change the map and they have to select the similar map if playing with friends. The most exciting thing is to find our teammates whom you are playing as you can hear them but not easy to find which character is particular one.

In Among Us mod apk download version, you will experience all the three maps and there are not any changes of the main game and the modded version.


Download Among us Apk uptodown

Among us apkios is now available for free and users are happy to get the mod apk version. It looks similar to the normal version and has several features which are not available in the normal version. Before downloading among us mod apk happpymod version, have a look on the features of Among us mod apk:-

Check Out Features of Among Us MOD Apk

  •  Among Us Mod Apk: Cool Graphics-

Cool Graphics feature is available on Among us mod apk which gives extreme graphics and you can play game with the higher resolution.

  •   Among Us Mod Apk: No Kill Cooldown-

Among us mod apk has no kill cooldown feature which is only available on mod version. You will not get this feature on Play Store version.


  •  Among Us Mod Apk: Visibility of Ghosts-

Among us mod apk also gives you ghost visibility feature and you can easily check ghost around you in the game.


  •     Among Us Mod Apk: Wall Hack-

Among us mod apk also gives wall hack which is a great feature and available only on mod version.


  •  Among Us Mod Apk: Instant Kill-

Among Us mod Apk gives instant killing feature which you can use in normal matches and kill whenever you want.


  •  Among Us Mod Apk: Unlimited Skin-

In Among Us Mod Apk, you will get unlimited skin of player and several items which you can use anytime for free.


  • Among Us Mod Apk: Lighting Hack-

Among Us also provides lighting hack feature which is not available in the normal hack version.


Among Us Mod Apk Download

Among us imposter hack is now available and users are happy to get imposter hack as most of the players want to be an imposter. Among us mod apk always imposter hack gives you the benefit to be an imposter and you will happy to get it every time you play Among Us. In Among us mod menu, you will get more features which is not available on Play Store version and it is totally safe for all the users.

Among us mod apk happymod is for those users that are addicted to the game and those who wants to play it with their own requirements. In this Mod version, you can do several things like wall hack, change skin, light hack, instant kill and many more features.


Among Us Mod Apk Latest Version

Among Us Mod Apk Unlocked Everything

Among Us Mod Apk Always Imposter

How to Download and Install Among Us Mod Menu APK?

To download Among Us Mod Menu Apk, users have to read all the required steps which are necessary and helpful. The downloading process is quite simple and you only have to follow it step by step as given below:

·         First of all, we recommend you to uninstall Among Us normal version before downloading the apk version.

·         After removing the Play Store Version, click on Among Us mod apk download and start downloading process.

·         When you click on Download, you will automatically redirect to a new window where you have to follow Captcha (Human Verification) which is necessary for the users.

·         Now, click on the final download button and start downloading Among Us mod apk.

·         Final step is to click on the Among Us Mod Apk file and install it in your device.


Among us download Mod Apk V2020.11.17

Among Us Mod Apk FAQ:


  •    Why Among us so popular?

Among Us Mod apk is popular because this game is best multiplayer’s game and can be player with friends and family.


  •  Is Among us Mod Apk Free to Install or Paid?

Among Us Mod Apk is free for all the android users and don’t get it paid from any user as it is totally free.


  • Is Among Us Cross Platform?

Among Us is a cross platform and you don’t need to worry about devices. Make sure you have a supportive device to play Among Us Mod Apk with your friends.


  • Can I play Among us Single or by myself?

No, there should be a team of 4 players to start a game. If you want to play single, just join random teammates and play.


  • Can I talk in Among us?

Among Us only provides Typing Chat system which help players to communicate with each other. There’s not any facility to talk with the players on voice chat as not facility is given by the Among Us Team.


  • Will I get banned if I use mod/hack version Among Us?

We haven’t seen any player got banned for Using Our Among Us Mod Apk Version and you don’t worry we have anti-ban feature which make your account safe.


  •  How do I change my name in Among Us Game?

To change your name, you have to first open the game and enter the game with your working internet connection. After, check host option where you will get Name Box. Click on it and enter the name of your character and save it.


  • Is this mod/hack safe to use?

Yes, Among Us Mod apk is anti-ban and safe for use.