Breaking Bad Full Web Series Download in Hindi (Season 1-5) 

Breaking Bad is a great American drama web series produced by Vince Gilligan. The series started in September 2008 and released for five seasons till now. There are several episodes in every season, and you can watch them all separately. Breaking Bad web series is now available in the Hindi language. Many users have tried their best to get the latest season of the Breaking Bad web series. Their download link has been distributed among several places, and users are searching for a single place where they can get all the episodes fully.

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Breaking Bad Season 1 Filmyzilla 

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Breaking Bad Web Series Review


·         Serial drama

·         Crime drama

·         Thriller

·         Neo-Western

·         Black comedy

·         Tragedy

Created by

Vince Gilligan


·         Bryan Cranston

·         Anna Gunn

·         Aaron Paul

·         Dean Norris

·         Betsy Brandt

·         RJ Mitte

·         Bob Odenkirk

·         Giancarlo Esposito

·         Jonathan Banks

·         Laura Fraser

·         Jesse Plemons


Dave Porter

Country of origin

United States

Original languages

·         English

·         Spanish

No. of seasons


No. of episodes

62 (list of episodes)


Breaking Bad All Episodes in Hindi (Season 1-5)

Breaking Bad web series episodes are now available in various sizes. They have divided Breaking Bad according to Season 1 to 5. Users are getting their download link according to their needs, and they can select the season they need. Now, many users are searching for Breaking bad season 5 all episodes, and it is available.

Tamilrockers site has leaked all the season of breaking bad. Users are finding Breaking bad according to the episodes, and they are confused about where to get the next episode of the same season. The site has uploaded Episodes according to the seasons so users can visit the same thing.



Breaking Bad all Season in 480p

Breaking Bad All Season in 720p

Breaking Bad All Season in 1080p

Moviesroot Breaking Bad List of All Episodes 

Breaking bad comes with five seasons, and they have numerous episodes which are available in the English language.

Every season of Breaking Bad has its episodes which make a season complete. Their recent seasons include several episodes, and users are searching breaking bad according to the seasons.


Here, our list of Breaking Bad seasons:


  • Breaking Bad Season 1 (2008)

In the first season of breaking bad, nine episodes are there, but only seven are released due to the Writers Guild of America Strike in 2008. All the episodes are superb and are in demand now. 


  • Breaking Bad Season 2 (2009)

In Breaking Bad Season 2, there is a total of 13 episodes. The first episode was aired in March 2009 and last aired in May 2009. All the episodes are demanding, and they are released on the AMC network.


  • Breaking Bad Season 3 (2010)

Breaking Bad Season 3 comes with 13 episodes. All the episodes were released on the AMC network and now available on several websites for download. The first episode was aired in March 2010, and their last episode was released in June 2010.


  • Breaking Bad Season 4 (2011)

In breaking bad season 4, there are 13 episodes released in 2011. All the episodes were released on the AMC network. The first episodes for Breaking Bad season 4 were released in July 2011, and their last episodes were released in October 2011.


  • Breaking Bad Season 5 (2013)

In 2013, breaking bad season five released on the AMC network. Sixteen episodes were released, and their first episode aired in July 2012 and their last episode in September 2013. All of their 16 episodes were divided into eight episodes, and their aired dates vary.


  • Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

In 2019, Breaking Bad full movie was released on Netflix. Those users who have prime membership watched the movie, but other users find the best platform where they can watch Breaking Bad full movie.