Lightroom Foto- & Video-Editor
Lightroom Foto- & Video-Editor
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Apk Name Adobe Lightroom
Apk Size 93.17 MB
Apk Version 6.1.0
Android Version 5+
Downloads 100,000,000+

Adobe Lightroom- Photo Editor & Pro Camera Apk

Adobe Lightroom: Photoshop is a free photo-editing application that helps you edit photos after capture. It is the best and easy stunning editing tool with several sliders and filters to give you stunning photos. Users can retouch photos to full resolution and can apply filters easily.

Some features of the Adobe application is free, but users have to pay to use premium features. After getting several requests, we finally provided you with an adobe Lightroom mod apk that you can use for free without paying anything. Before downloading Adobe Lightroom mod apk, you should look into the features and details of the apk.


Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk Download uptodown

Lightroom provides the best photo editing experience, and users can convert their war photos to intuitive with the editing apk. Users can adjust the light and colour of the photo with the slider. The apk version allows you to get all the premium features for free, and you don’t have to buy anything in the application.

Users can use crop and rotate tools which help them to adjust the ratio of the image. With adobe lightroom mod apk, uses can adjust the camera to take images and take clean shots for the best photo editing.


Features of Adobe Lightroom 5 2 2 premium apk

Adobe Lightroom has several features which they offer to premium users. Some features are free for all the users, but primarily used features are paid, which users don’t want to buy. We are finally here to provide all those features to provide you with Adobe lightroom mod apk for free. Let’s have a close look at Adobe lightroom mod apk:


  • Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk: Edit Details

Adobe Lightroom provides edit fine details features which gives more advanced editing for pictures. Users can also control images with the selective adjustments provided by the developer. It allows you to add more colours to the image and make it beautiful and stunning. All those features are free of cost, and you can add your watermarks.


  • Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk: Presets Simple Photo Editing

In this adobe lightroom mod apk, users can use all the special features for photo editing. It is fast than everyday applications, and users don’t find any difficulty using Adobe mod apk. More advanced premium features are added in the apk which users can experience for free.


  • Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk: Pro Camera

Adobe also controls your phone camera and provides its best camera with photography potential. Users can also use a timer, instant presets, raw, exposure and more in pro camera mode. You have to take control of your photography with HDR and professional click options.


  • Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk: Smart Photo Capture

Adobe lightroom apk provides an innovative photo capture feature that has sensei harnesses the power of AI to tag. This feature provides a quick and the best picture which users never experience.


  • Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk: Photo Sharing

In Adobe lightroom mod apk, users get advanced photo-sharing features not given in the free version. This feature provides them to share as many pictures as they want without any restrictions. You can show all photos captured in Adobe lightroom mod apk in their gallery and can save them there in their community.


How to Download Adobe Lightroom 5 3 mod apk

  • To download Adobe lightroom mod apk, users have to begin with the download link.
  • After the user clicks on the link, their page will automatically redirect the Captcha verification page to verify not a robot.
  • When the users’ verification process is completed, users will redirect to the final download link to get Adobe lightroom mod apk.
  • Now, click on the download link and begin your downloading process.
  • Always use a good working internet connection to get Adobe lightroom mod apk instantly.


How to Install Adobe Lightroom cc premium apk 3 4 free download?

  • To install adobe lightroom mod apk, users have first to download the apk version.
  • The next step is to remove the play store version and begin with the installation process.
  • After you click on Adobe lightroom mod apk, you will enable “install from unknown sources”, which is necessary to begin the installation process.
  • Now, click on the adobe lightroom mod apk and install the apk to your device.
  • After the installation process completed, users can easily use Adobe lightroom mod apk.


Does Adobe Lightroom preset mod apk for Android & iOS?

Many android users are finding the best platform where they can get Adobe lightroom mod apk. Android users have to download adobe lightroom for AndroidAndroid, and ios users have to download for their devices. If you download the iOS version for Android, it will not support your device and get according to your devices.